Advanced Plyometric Workout For Runners

This workout is one I used with my high school distance runners and is designed for someone who is a little more advanced. I WOULD NOT recommend it for beginners. When I have my high schoolers do this workout, they do 1 set of each exercise above with recovery in-between. The goal is to be explosive so you shouldn’t do them continuously and be completely out of breath while performing the exercises. Try to be quick off the ground on all of the plyometric exercises.

Plyometric Benefits For Distance Runners:
1. Improved running economy
2. Improved power

Plyometric Exercises
Single Leg Hops at 50%
Single Leg Hops at 100%
Pogo Jumps at 50%
Pogo Jumps at 100%
Alternate Leg Bounding
Right Right Left Left Bounding
Standing Triple Jump
Jump Lunges
Depth Jump + Jump
Depth Jump + Max Jump